We Must Defend the Earth

We must be willing to put ourselves on the line for the earth.

We can help from afar, on the ground, in the air or in between. Put yourself on the line–it’s the only hope we have.

We must stop the death machines in their tracks. Natural resources belong to all living beings, including the earth. They are not here just for people. That’s the story imperialists have been telling themselves for hundreds of years; the lie continues to grow.

Stay clear headed. Preserve your strength. Learn new skills. Learn how to survive. And learn how to strike back.

Beat the booze

As straightedge vegan anarchists, we need to fight all forms of social control, colonization and imprisonment. Nothing short of total liberation from coercion for all beings. To this end my personal anarchism fights against intoxication culture–be they smartphones, television, drug and alcohol consumption, consumerism, religious dogma, Abrahmic religion, traditional modes of thinking and being. These are but tools of governmental and social control–we must take back our wildness. Pacification through inebriation has rendered people unimaginative, unable to see a world beyond their own glamorization, their own instant gratification and self-perpetuated myths of grandeur and celebrity status. They can’t see a world where we humans value the planet and all its inhabitants, all its complexity; we don’t see ourselves as part of nature but instead as elites, marching atop the earth in triumphal procession. Indeed we live in civilizations that value only human empowerment and so-called progress at the expense of the only planet we’ll ever call home.

We as a species will never understand if we don’t open our minds and hearts. Some of us have been beating on these drums for years, all fallen on deaf, inebriated and dumbed minds. Unleash your power, make a stand against the corporations that would destroy us, destroy our earth. Don’t tamp your anger and rage and love with drugs, but stoke those fires with clarity and calls to action. As a famous musician once wrote, if you only take what’s put before you, eat what’s on your plate, who’s to blame for your tummy ache? Don’t toe the line. Redraw the limits of your imagination, expectations and realities; defeat the colonizer within.

Build Your Inner Fortress

Inside each of us is a wellspring of hope–and every corporation and body of government wants to extract that precious resource and infill with concrete. They want to use you and then build their empire upon your corpse, your skeleton, your flesh.

From birth ’til death we are a commodity to be tilled and harvested; all in the name of keeping a massive militaristic nation moving forward on the ever-rolling barrels of oil.

Cast off these chains that we have forged through the years; set yourself on a path to freedom. Liberate your mind, body and soul; liberate those who are dear to you; liberate the innocent.

Love yourself so that you can love those beings that surround you.

Take it back from the machines

We must take back what is rightfully ours. If we live like those the elite despise and treat with disdain, if we are satisfied with their cheap baubles and trinkets, their middling politics, their shiny gadgets, their mind-numbing intoxicants, then we will never force the power brokers to rethink their exploitation of the earth and its inhabitants for monetary reward. They will always be able to justify it by giving the people, giving us the consumer, “what we want.”

The time is now to let them know that what we want is not what they give us, not what they sell us. We want the earth and all its inhabitants to live without oppression.

We must be vigilant and we must take action; we are going to have to put it in their faces, rub their noses in it, and make them realize that we don’t want to destroy our home for a small bit of comfort; that we want to live sensibly and within our means as a species. I suppose an important question to ask yourself is just how badly we want it.

Why Words Matter to XVX

Words shape our thoughts; so when we form the thought “cow,” the totality of the image isn’t simply a furry thing with four legs, quite big and friendly, but it’s also a thing that we eat, brand, milk, fatten up, wear as clothing and of course eventually kill and turn into various food products. In other words, a cow is an object that waits for us to use, abuse and kill it, despite whatever bucolic connotations we might also associate with their lives.

Same for a pig. Not necessarily the intelligent and amusing and sometimes ornery and stubborn things they often are, but a disgusting animal that roots in it’s own shit and piss. One of the lowest of the “livestock” animals, as if they were living shares of a corporation, or cans in a pantry

How we treat these animals is how we think of these animals–it’s how we distance ourselves from the truth of our horrific actions against them. It comes as no surprise then that we use these same words for people and groups of people that we despise and abuse. Calling heavier-set women cows; calling police officers pigs; calling people sheep. Those that we kill in war or undocumented migrants are animals.We create intellectual barriers so we can perform acts of cruelty against them.

The language of the carnist is the language of the oppressor, the colonizer, the rapist, the mass murderer. We must be more conscious of our thoughts and actions if we are ever to escape this senseless circle of destruction, consumption, excretion, waste, destruction.

Sinister Machines Will Destroy Us

Sinister machines are destroying us. Grinding life to a pulp. Call it dog food and sell it by the ton. Call it humanely raised beef and charge more for those who can afford “to care.”

Evil capitalists atop their money-making heaps of flesh and bone, hawking their wares of blood, terror and torture. And we just can’t give it up, that taste of horror.

These days lots of talk of environmental collapse but little action. They say we have 20 years to get it correct. To make it right and save it all, make amends with the earth.

I hope we do, but deep inside I don’t think as a species that we deserve to continue. We have literally raped the earth to death, killed its inhabitants and are grasping at final reserves. All for convenience. For our grotesque, crunchy, corner-store chicken wings and plastic bags and guzzoline.

Too early for these thoughts. I know the world is full of goodness and that we just need to harness that power; but the mind is a terror dome. Better to cook my little potato in a small cast-iron skillet. I’ll call it breakfast.


This is not a moral crusade.

This is a final prayer for the earth and its inhabitants. The mass extinction will include us; and how you live your life matters. Mine will be lived with strength and compassion. With dignity and love. I will pray to the god I do not believe in for the lost souls of this earth. To the gods in which I do believe, I offer nothing but apology and sadness for the terror my kind has bestowed upon them.

And what has it all been for, this destruction, creation and greed? Nothing more than baubles and comfort. And as Vollmann suggests, “who would deny the poor water-carrier, or the subsistence farmer, a little reprieve from their endless toil?” Not me. Hopefully not you.

And thus we ride into the darkness upon our petrol-fueled beasts.

We Are Too Late

We are too late. Climate change is real, it’s happening now, and it is out of control. Even if every nation were to stop emitting greenhouse gases today, we would still pass the tipping point.

Yet we must live with dignity. We must hold true to our values. Let us honor integrity, the lives of other sentient beings, and the beauty the human race. We are capable of producing wonders like history has never witnessed. Let us not be overcome by animosity, hatred and bitterness that scarcity will bring.

Let’s put away the narcissism; the smartphones; the social media. Let’s pick up books of poetry and make art; eat fruits, vegetables and share a vegan meal with friends. Have a nice, cool drink of clean tapwater. Rejoice in each other’s company with laughter; and relax the embrace of nature. Live and let live and fight against the evils in this world, for they are many and we the insightful are few.

Alcohol. The True Gateway Drug.

Straightedge is about love. Love for ourselves and everyone around us. To that end we are stating the well-known fact that alcohol is the true gateway drug. We can’t stand these companies and their stable of whores–the PR and marketing agencies, liquor stores, mini marts, bars, nightclubs, influencers, mainstream movies and music. They sell fabled lives, full of parties and bikinis. The reality is life destroyed for profit.

When was the last time you were drinking a mai tai on the beach with five women in bikinis?

Exactly. Be vegan. Be straightedge. Fight against these systems of oppression and hatred.