We are too late. Climate change is real, it’s happening now, and it is out of control. Even if every nation were to stop emitting greenhouse gases today, we would still pass the tipping point.

Yet we must live with dignity. We must hold true to our values. Let us honor integrity, the lives of other sentient beings, and the beauty the human race. We are capable of producing wonders like history has never witnessed. Let us not be overcome by animosity, hatred and bitterness that scarcity will bring.

Let’s put away the narcissism; the smartphones; the social media. Let’s pick up books of poetry and make art; eat fruits, vegetables and share a vegan meal with friends. Have a nice, cool drink of clean tapwater. Rejoice in each other’s company with laughter; and relax the embrace of nature. Live and let live and fight against the evils in this world, for they are many and we the insightful are few.

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