As straightedge vegan anarchists, we need to fight all forms of social control, colonization and imprisonment. Nothing short of total liberation from coercion for all beings. To this end my personal anarchism fights against intoxication culture–be they smartphones, television, drug and alcohol consumption, consumerism, religious dogma, Abrahmic religion, traditional modes of thinking and being. These are but tools of governmental and social control–we must take back our wildness. Pacification through inebriation has rendered people unimaginative, unable to see a world beyond their own glamorization, their own instant gratification and self-perpetuated myths of grandeur and celebrity status. They can’t see a world where we humans value the planet and all its inhabitants, all its complexity; we don’t see ourselves as part of nature but instead as elites, marching atop the earth in triumphal procession. Indeed we live in civilizations that value only human empowerment and so-called progress at the expense of the only planet we’ll ever call home.

We as a species will never understand if we don’t open our minds and hearts. Some of us have been beating on these drums for years, all fallen on deaf, inebriated and dumbed minds. Unleash your power, make a stand against the corporations that would destroy us, destroy our earth. Don’t tamp your anger and rage and love with drugs, but stoke those fires with clarity and calls to action. As a famous musician once wrote, if you only take what’s put before you, eat what’s on your plate, who’s to blame for your tummy ache? Don’t toe the line. Redraw the limits of your imagination, expectations and realities; defeat the colonizer within.

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